Join Us

Consider Joining us at OMVC. Here's 12 reasons to consider ...

  1. Improved health. Socialising through choral singing has been shown to be good for men's health. (Brown, Anthony. Men's Health Information Research Centre, UWS)
  2. Feel relaxed. Choral singing can reduce stress and benefit emotional states. (Clift et al., 2007. International Symposium on Performance Science)
  3. Improved mind and body. Singing aids both cognitive and immune system functioning.
  4. Get connected. Choir membership connects you to others in satisfying and enriching ways – within the teamwork of the choir and to others in the community.
  5. Be a giver. Adults who sing in choirs tend to be 'remarkably good citizens.'
  6. Fellowship. Enjoy a stimulating and sociable evening in excellent company every week.
  7. Enjoy travel with friends. Share in the enjoyment of local, regional and international tours.
  8. Achieve something of value. Experience the satisfaction of creating something of real worth for yourself and others.
  9. Be a part of history. You'll be helping to maintain a great tradition, over 80 years of male voice singing in our city.
  10. Be rewarded, be excited. Singing with friends is truly rewarding. Singing for others in a concert is exhilarating!
  11. Join the family. Male voice choirs are found the world over and are a great fraternity.
  12. Enrich life's quality. There's everything to gain and nothing to lose. Give it a go!


... and best of all, you DON'T need to be a great singer or have a trained voice ...