Associate Members

Associate membership of the Choir was implemented for the Choir's first overseas tour in 1985. A number of members of the public who had always been loyal supporters of the Choir wanted to travel through Europe and the UK with it. Here was an opportunity to thank them for their loyalty by creating another class of membership expressly for these supporters. The effect of this initiative was to further strengthen and enrich the Choir. Our Associates have been a great asset to the Choir in many ways and remain a valued part of our organisation.


Other Associate members have joined since that first overseas tour. Our subsequent overseas tours, tours interstate and even shorter trips to other towns and cities for concerts, have always been a richer experience for having our Associates join with us.


Associate members are always warmly welcomed on all occasions and many celebrated our 90th Anniversary in 2016 with us at some of our regional concerts and at our major concert in Orange in November 2016.


New Associate members are always welcome. Simply make contact with any member of the Management Committee to get your membership underway.


Honorary Members

Paul Jarman became an Honorary Member of the Choir in 2017. Following a successful series of workshops with him and a concert performance in the Orange Civic Theatre celebrating our 90th anniversary, Paul was commissioned to write a signature piece for OMVC. He chose to focus on our motto of "Friendship through Song" and produced a memorable piece which had its premiere in Orange in 2017. "Friendship" is featured in all of OMVC's performances and has become a firm favourite with audiences.


Orange Male Voice Choir is honoured to have the friendship of this notable and gifted musician; a man of humility and warmth. Paul Jarman's compositions draw on wide ranging sources and provide a powerful commentary on the human journey; the history, joy, struggle and pathos of what it means to be human. His work is widely known and performed throughout Australia and beyond.