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The Management Committee has decided to continue to take a conservative and cautious approach to resuming rehearsals of sections in-person.


The timing of this is still uncertain in light of the current COVID-19 situation and NSW Health regulations.

Version 2 of the Choir's Policy (July 2020) is HERE.

Coming up in 2020   


Section Leaders and Music Monitors 2020

Thanks to the following choristers who have accepted these appointments for 2020:

Section Leaders:    B1: Derek Ferrie.      B2:  Don Harvey.      Ts:  John Mealings.

Music Monitors:      B1: Rodney Davis.   B2: Mike Collett.     T1: David Woodside.   T2: Chris Mills.


Please support them in their roles.

Music Monitors work with the MD and choristers to encourage high standard of singing in their respective Parts.

Section Leaders are responsible for:

*         Creating and maintaining attendance rolls

*         Ensuring that choristers have the requisite music

*         Rallying the section for performances, including those at short notice, e.g. funerals

*         Monitoring attendance of section members, including reporting to the President for follow-              up action such as health issues, hospitalisations, prolonged absences, and so on.  

*         Assisting both prospective and new members by:

        o   welcoming them and introducing them to the Conductor, President, Music Librarian and                   members

        o   supplying them with all relevant information

        o   collating their contact information and forwarding to the Secretary

        o   teaming them with a “buddy” in their section

        o   seeing that they have a music folder

        o   consulting with the Conductor to allocate them in a seat in their section

        o   providing a membership application once they have completed a satisfactory  audition.

        o   introducing them to the Wardrobe Manager to facilitate the issue of uniform.


Resource documents for prospective and new members are in the Members Section.

Memorising Lyrics

Here’s a few simple ideas that may help choristers in learning and memorising lyrics:

  • Look and sing. 

  • Sing without looking.  Test yourself with noting problem words, phrases, sequences, etc.

  • Silent singing.

  • Map the song. Know its structure – repetitions, verses, choruses, key changes, dynamic structure.

  • Look for keywords which will provide a cue for all that follows.

  • Attach imagery to words. Run it like a film.

  • Use association of ideas. Make it personal.

  • Construct a “story” or narrative to go with the lyrics.

  • Use mnemonic devices or alpha aids.

  • Write out lyrics by hand.

  • Use a recording. Sing along, stop recording and sing on.

  • Recite lyrics in rhythm of the music.

  • Get a sense of the song’s emotion. Understanding the song will help you to not only express it but also to remember it.

  • Practise often and randomly. Use any opportunity. Note problems and apply solutions.

OMVC Account for Direct Payments

Please use the following account at Orange Credit Union for direct payments to OMVC unless advised otherwise for specific projects such as travel or workshops.

Account Name:  Orange Male Voice Choir Inc.

BSB:   802 129     Account No. 100030358

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