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25 April - ANZAC Dawn Service, Spring Hill, 6.00am



25 April - ANZAC Dawn Service, Spring Hill, 6.00am

Fri 3 May - Trivia Night

Fri  17 May - Orange Grove Aged Care, 11.00 am

Sat 14 Sept - OMVC Annual Concert at ORC, 7.00 pm.

Fri 27 Sept - Pub Singing with Australian Welsh Choir in Orange




Sun 25 Aug or 1 Sept - City of Orange Eisteddfod (Afternoon)

Oct  - Proposed concert with ARU & Wagga Rugby Choir


Sat 8 Feb  - OMVC Annual Dinner

Monday 11 Feb - Annual General Meeting

Weekend 24-25 May - MCAA Festival Adelaide.

OMVC YouTube Channel


Clips from Eric Bogle 2019 concert now up.


Link is on Music Videos page.



The Management Committee has agreed to ease the administrative load by splitting the job between two positions as follows:

Secretary - Bruce Middleton


  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes, incl AGM preparation and notification

  • External communications (All emails and correspondence with outside)

  • P&P Manual (incl Perpetual Calendar)

  • Constitution

  • Official Records

  • Use


Members Liaison Officer - David Kennedy


  • Internal (Communicating with members, former members, prospective members)

  • Members Current Information page on website

  • Members Register incl. Contact List on web, etc*

  • Records of attendance at rehearsals and performances (with Section Leaders).

  • Other internal documentation (including membership forms, pro-formas, etc.)

  • Use new email address, eg

(*John Mealings has kindly undertaken to continue to maintain

the Working With Children records.)

These changes will be implemented shortly.



The Management Committee has updated previous Covid policy in light of new knowledge and national policy developments.



Viral respiratory infections (such as Covid-19, influenza, respiratory syncitial virus - RSV and human metapneumovirus - HMPV) are spreading in the community at varying rates. Covid vaccination rates are still well below 2022 levels and an eighth “wave” of Covid infection developed in spring-summer 2023-24.


This policy aims to reduce the risk of Covid and other respiratory infections, both to the members and to the operations of the Choir by emphasising personal responsibility, based on current medical evidence.




Regulatory restrictions on Covid cases and contacts have been eased in NSW, however this relaxation does not mean household or close contacts are not at-risk of becoming infected and of transmitting Covid to others.


The Choir’s age structure and singing together put us at relatively high-risk of transmitting respiratory infections. As well as protecting members’ and their families’ health, it is important that infections don’t disrupt our preparations for performances.


Infectious period


The incubation period for Covid can be from 1-14 days, but symptomatic cases of Omicron develop signs at about 3 days on-average, and most within 5-6 days.


People infected with Covid may be infectious for up 2 days before developing symptoms. After 10 days, most people are not infectious. Multiple studies have shown there is very little, if any, transmission after day ten, regardless of the variant.


About one in ten people infected with Covid develop debilitating “long Covid”.


Mitigation Procedures


Successfully reducing the risk of infection being introduced and spreading at rehearsal depends on implementing a number of measures. Good “herd immunity”, from vaccination and natural infection, should reduce both the risk and severity of spread in our group when combined with complementary biosecurity. Well-fitting masks would also help, but singing with them is quite difficult.


All Members and visitors attending are expected to comply with these conditions:


A person is strongly encouraged not to attend rehearsal if he or she

    • has one or more symptoms of respiratory infection (runny nose, sore throat, coughing with headache and/or fever)

    • is awaiting a Covid test result, or

    • is a close contact with a Covid case.

  • Participants are strongly encouraged to be up to date with their annual influenza vaccinations and Covid boosters. Health authorities recommend that people at high-risk have a Covid booster vaccination six (6) months after the previous one or after natural Covid infection).

  • A member who has had a respiratory infection may return to rehearsal seven days days after developing symptoms or testing Covid positive, if they have no symptoms. He or she is strongly encouraged to also have a negative RAT.

  • Bring own music, pencils etc.

  • Practice hand hygiene on entry.

  • All participants agree to immediately notify the Secretary if he/she tests Covid-positive after a rehearsal or performance so that other members can be alerted.

The Management Committee may suspend rehearsals or performances if the risk of transmission of a respiratory infection increases significantly.


8 January 2024

UPDATED ACTION PLAN - 13 November 2023

 See the latest update HERE.


We still need to focus on recruiting new men to join us.


Bring one friend along to a rehearsal.

OMVC's Top 10 of 2023

 Eye of the Needle,   Friendship in Song,  Bring Him Home (arr. Bermingam),  Shelter, Gwahoddiad,  Hiraeth,  Nothing Like a Dame,  Sixteen Tons,

Tell My Father  &  Wellerman.


OMVC Bank Account

Please make all payments to

BSB:  802-129       A/c No:   100030358

  Orange Male Voice Choir


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