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Current Information



Rise Up Concert with Cantar,  

Orange City Bowling Club, 2pm Sun 4 June.


Assemble at 12.45pm in Full Uniform

Order of Performances 

Cantar   -  OMVC -  Joint Pieces

OMVC Repertoire 

 1. He Ain't Heavy,    2. Ride the Chariot,   3. And So it Goes,  

4. Wellerman & 5. Eye of the Needle


Joint Repertoire

 1. Seekers Celebration, 2. Blue Moon, 3. Sanctus & 4. Homeward Bound



Progress in implementing the Action Plan is reported to the Management Ctee and a link to the updated Plan will be regularly posted HERE.





It's important to maintain high levels of immunity in the Choir.

Many of us are now eligible for a Covid booster (ie 6 months after last vaccination or Covid infection) and Flu vaccination clinics are starting.

The latest Covid Policy, updated in April 2023, 

is at the bottom of this page.




Orange Lions Club Club, 8.00pm Thurs 27 July

Centenary of Legacy,  approx 1.00pm, Sat 29 July

Orange Eisteddfod, afternoon Sun 20 Aug 2023 

Blackheath Choir Festival,  2.00pm Sat 26 Aug 2023

Concert with Sydney Male Choir, Orange, afternoon Sun 22 Oct 2023

Central West Sings, Blayney, Sun 12 Nov 2023

Cook Park 150th Anniversary, Sat 25 Nov 2023


OMVC's Top 10 of 2023

 Eye of the Needle,   Friendship in Song,  Bring Him Home (arr. Bermingam),  Shelter, Gwahoddiad,  Hiraeth,  Nothing Like a Dame,  Sixteen Tons,

Tell My Father  &  Wellerman.


OMVC Bank Account

Please make all payments to

BSB:  802-129       A/c No:   100030358

  Orange Male Voice Choir






This policy aims to reduce the risk of Covid infection both to the members and the operations of the Choir by emphasising personal responsibility based on current medical evidence.





The Choir’s age structure and singing together put us at relatively high-risk of Covid infection. As well as protecting members’ and their families’ health, it is important that infections don’t disrupt our preparations for performances.


Regulatory restrictions on Covid cases and contacts have been eased in NSW, however, this relaxation does not mean household or close contacts are not at-risk of becoming infected and of transmitting Covid to others.



Infectious period


The incubation period for Covid can be from 1-14 days, but symptomatic cases of Omicron develop signs at about 3 days on-average, and most within 5-6 days. 


People infected with Covid may be infectious for up 2 days before developing symptoms. There is potential for people to be infectious beyond their official seven-day isolation if they are still



After 10 days, most people are not infectious. Multiple studies have shown there is very little, if any, transmission after day ten, regardless of the variant.


Reference: Could I still be infectious after COVID isolation? And should I bother wearing a mask once I’m all better? Vasso Apostolopoulos & Maja Husaric, Victoria University. The Conversation May 30, 2022.



Mitigation Procedures


Successfully reducing the risk of infection being introduced and spreading at rehearsal will depend on implementing a number of measures. Good “herd immunity”, from vaccination and natural infection, should reduce both the risk and severity of spread in our group when combined with complementary biosecurity. Well-fitting masks would also help, but singing with them is quite difficult.


All Members and visitors attending must comply with these conditions:

  • Participants must have received two initial doses of an approved Covid-19 vaccine and are strongly encouraged to be up to date with their Covid boosters, have shown the Secretary documentation of double vaccination and advised him of the dates of subsequent booster vaccinations. (Covid booster vaccination is due 6 months after the previous one or after Covid infection).

  • A written statement of “Covid-19 Vaccine Medical Contraindications", signed by a member’s (or prospective member’s) doctor, is acceptable in lieu of Covid vaccination.

  • A member must not attend rehearsal if he or she

    • has had Covid infection and still has symptoms,

    • is not well or is awaiting a Covid test result, or

    • has been in close contact with a Covid case in the previous 7 days.


  • A member who has been infected may return to rehearsal 7 days after developing symptoms or testing positive, if they have no symptoms and a negative RAT.

  • Bring own music, pencils etc.

  • Practice hand hygiene on entry.

  • All participants commit to immediately notifying the Secretary if he/she is suspected to be infected with Covid or tests Covid-positive.


Members are also strongly encouraged to be up to date with their annual Influenza vaccination.



OMVC rehearsals will be held with the following mitigation measures:

  • The venue will be spacious (with 4 sq metres per person) and/or well-ventilated (ie doors and/or windows open and air conditioning open to allow fresh air).

  • OMVC will maintain a register of attendance (for immediate response if needed).

  • Seats will be well-separated.

  • Singers should remain at their seats as much as possible while rehearsing.

  • Choristers may sing without masks if they wish.

  • Accompanist and Conductor facing, but 3 metres from singers.

  • The Management Committee may suspend rehearsals if a rehearsing member is infected or if risk increases significantly.



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